You know the story: a simple question from management triggers a wave of requests for data, analysis and reports – and everything due yesterday. And while those questions are asked frequently they tend to come without warning. Be prepared for those unannounced surprises with pre-configured KPIs and views – ready to show and ready to share.

Getting the right information in the right quality is everything but easy. There are dozens of lists to comb through, apples and oranges to compare and questionable information sources to draw conclusions from. We help you turn your data into a reliable source of information with an easy and straight-forward process to gather, refine and maintain it.

We help you escape the clutter and unrelated pieces of information by providing a contextualized perspective of your architecture. Alfabet Cloud Basic puts years of experience in IT portfolio management into your hands. Here you’ll find the application portfolio management assessments most frequently needed. All you have to do is draw the conclusions and execute on them.

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